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Andy Ayres Mindful Moving Assistance

Simplify Your Move

Providing Project Management, Organization, and Labor to Streamline Your Moving Preparation.

Andy Ayres Moving Assistance
  • Are you a senior who's preparing to downsize?
  • Are you a busy family who needs help dealing with Mom or Dad's residence?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the challenge of properly dealing with a lifetime of belongings?

My specialty is working with people who have been in their house for decades and are overwhelmed by what needs to be done so they can move on to the next phase of their lives. I show up ready to fill the roles of stand-in-son, project manager, organizer, packer, grunt, counselor, or whatever is needed to get you ready for the movers and ensure you have a smooth transition.

I approach all jobs as a friendly neutral arbitrator who's there to help do the work and help you make the (often hard but) necessary decisions on the best way to deal with a lifetime of accumulation.


I’ll work with you when your schedule dictates and whether your project requires 10 or 160 hours, you'll get the same great assistance.


I am a conscientious worker who takes pride in my work and I am committed to meeting deadlines with the fewest number of hours worked.


It is important for me to be able to help people equitably so I offer means based pricing that allows me to help even low-income clients.

About Andy

I have a passion for helping people through challenging transitions.

I grew up in Minneapolis with a social worker mother and a public defender father and have carried their patient understanding ethos with me throughout my life. My first career in Portland spanned nearly 20 years as an office manager and fixer of problems for a mid-sized non-profit in the affordable housing industry.

I tend to fill my spare time with reading, hiking, skiing, whitewater rafting, working on my home, spending time with friends and traveling when I can.

About Andy Ayres Moving Assistance


Marion M.
55 hours over 2 weeks

We don’t know what we would have done without Andy’s help.

We are a mid-seventies couple who needed to move two family members into assisted living and their home of 18 years had to be sold quickly to pay for the new level of care they needed. The 3,000 sq ft home included some collection of value (jewelry, coin collection, sports cards, antiques) in addition to a lifetime of memories and belongings.

We could physically do much of the work, but it was really daunting to even know how to begin the process…then came Andy. He looked through the house, prioritized steps, got each of us helpers started on tasks. Step by step we saw the progress and could visualize the next steps. One week into the project our realtor came by and was flabbergasted by the progress we had made.

Andy was our guide, coach, and worker bee. He did the heavy lifting as we needed and helped us determine what we should be focusing on while he worked on projects that didn't need our direct involvement. He even came for a day to the care facility and moved furniture and hung pictures and helped make it a new home.

If you need help with a move, don’t hesitate to call Andy. We are so grateful we found him!

Betsy A.
160+ Hours over 2 months

Andy is organized, efficient, personable and patient.

He was exactly what I needed when my partner had died suddenly and I was moving out of the home I had been in for 30 years. The accumulation was overwhelming to me and I didn’t even know where to start.

He helped me triage the items to keep vs. give or throw away. He ordered and filled a dumpster, secured extra day help when it was needed, coordinated the move of my 150 potted plants, and even found a plumber to fix some issues at the last minute. He communicated well with my realtor concerning the timeline of the final to-do’s to get my house on the market. At the other end my present home needed a lot of work which he gladly tackled.

I honestly wonder how I would have done it without Andy!